Vision: Equipping God's Children with spiritual knowledge and Christ like love in order to disarm the principalities which may try to separate us from God's promise. 


Our Responsibility as the Church: We being the church, must encourage, teach, train, prepare and equip God's people. With God as the head, and with all authority given to us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are commissioned to make disciples in the nations. Are you ready to be a laborer, of the Harvest?


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Equipping God's Children With Spiritual Knowledge And Christ Like Love.

2019 Mission Statement: Make A Decision on the Vision


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New Harvest Christian Center (N.H.C.C.) founded on October 5, 2003. By the direction of God. We the N.H.C.C, family pursue the promise by the direction for the Holy Spirit. Yielding to the Spirit of God and equipped with the Word of God that we would teach God's Children with Spiritual Knowledge and Christ Like Love.